Syariah Compliance Factoring

Shoraka Global Capital Sdn Bhd (SGC)

SGC provides alternative liquidity solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises via Factoring, Supply Chain Factoring, Contract and P.O. Financing, especially to those facing working capital and cash flow problems.

The operation of our Islamic factoring is based on Bai’ Ad-Dayn Bi Al-sila which is not only Shariah-compliant and easy, but also emphasizes our commitment and concern towards your success..

Forward / Post Factoring

Factoring financing is the best solution for stabilizing your company cash flow whereby it is merely a process of selling your invoices to us in return for cash advance of 80% from the invoice value. The remaining value will be used as a contingency savings and will be returned after receiving full payment from the customer.

Supply Chain Factoring (SCF)

SCF is a set of business & financing process that connect several parties consisting of supplier, trader and financing to minimize the cost while maintaining supply efficiency process. SCF also provides short term credit to optimize working capital. SCF generally involves trader and suppliers in making a smooth transactions and to track the process from start till end.

Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee also commonly known as BG an irrevocable written obligation issued by the Bank to assure payment in case of demand by beneficiary.

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit also known as LC is a written undertaking by the Bank at your request as a Buyer/Applicant to pay the Seller/ Beneficiary a certain sum of money as stipulated in the LC, provided that the Seller/Beneficiary complies with the terms and conditions of the LC.

Letter of Financial Support

A Letter of Financial Support is needed by contractors in bidding for tenders. SGC can be the contractor’s back-bone support on its financial aspects. With a Letter of Support from SGC, the company’s tender application and bidding will make a significant difference on its chances of securing the contracts.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order (PO) Financing provides funding for businesses with purchase orders to pay their suppliers and smooth out cash flow. A (PO) is an order form that is issued from GLC / Goverment Department (Paymaster@Buyer) to a seller (Client). It is also known as an agreement between a buyer and seller on the order of pricing & quantities for a product or service.

Project Financing

Based on a cash flow lending concept, this specialised financing provides contractors, suppliers and vendors with short-medium term funding to cover the financing gap from the point of site possession, sourcing and commencement of services, to the point of completion and handover of the completed contract.

Working Capital

Our Working Capital Financing are designed to meet the cash flow requirements and finance the asset conversion cycle of your business. With SGC Credit facilities, you can have access to extra funds as and when you need them and pay interest on the amount utilized.